Research Capacity Building Center

UGC Sponsored STRIDE Research Capacity Building Centre

Dr. BMN College of Home Science (Autonomous), was recognised by UGC as Research Capacity Building Centre and received a grant in December 2019. The proposal submitted to UGC under Component I Research Capacity Building and Human Resource Development, the duration of which is three years and is titled “Designing and Implementing for Training Undergraduate Students in Community Based Action Participatory Research.’’ The project offers a design of four levels of inputs with focus for Research Capacity Building with following objectives:
  • To sensitize and train undergraduate students on the concept of community based participatory action research.
  • To sharpen analytical-scientific lens to understand and present data to improve overall quality of research.
  • To impart ethics in research
  • To hone skills in documentation and writing of research publications
  • To offer Structured Courses for TY students in Semester V and VI
  • To offer structured courses for T.YB.Sc and MSc students