M.Sc. Computer Science

Programme Name : M.Sc. Computer Science
Year of Establishment : 2021-22

Programme Description :

The Master of Science ( Computer Science Programme) will open a plethora of job opportunities like Senior Web Developers, Software Developers, Senior Data Administrators, Computer Network Architects, Computer and Administration Research Scientist, Computer System Analyst, Software Tester, UNIX System Administrator, Mobile Application Developer, Security Engineer, Human-Machine Interaction Specialist and many more.

Programme objectives :

  • Gain in-depth knowledge in the key areas of computer science and practice in emerging, cutting edge Computational Technologies.
  • Develop software solutions to real world problems through Information Technological skills with international standards and facilitate them to be outstanding professionals.
  • Contribute to scientific research by independently designing, conducting and presenting the results of small-scale research.
  • Be a part of skilled manpower in the various areas of computer science such as Algorithm Analysis and Design, Data warehousing and Mining, Software Engineering, Advanced Computing technologies, Web-based Applications Development, and Data Science.

Programme outcomes :

  • Takes forward the knowledge gained by the students at the undergraduate level and provides them with an advanced level of learning and understanding of the subject.
  • Provides students with higher educational degree of technical skills in problem solving and application development.
  • Helps students to acquire an analytical and managerial skills to enhance employment potential.

Scope for further studies :

  • M.Phil in Computer Science.
  • Ph.D in Computer Science.
  • Ph.D in Computer Science and Applications.
  • Ph.D in Computer and Information Science.
  • M.Tech in Computer Science (various streams)

Mr. Shahajahan Khan

Designation : Vice Principal, Programme Coordinator / Head of the department, Controller of Examination (Autonomous), Purchasing Officer (RUSA)
Education :, MCA, M. Phil. Computer Science
Total No. of Years of Experience : 25 Years
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Ms. Manjot Kaur

Designation : Assistant Professor, NAAC Coordinator
Education : M.Sc. Computer Science
Total No. of Years of Experience : 16 Years
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Ms. Neetu Singhi

Designation : Assistant Professor
Education : BCA, MCM and Mphil – IT
Total No. of Years of Experience : 15 Years
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Ms. Sharada Sirisilla

Designation : Assistant Professor
Education : MCA
Total No. of Years of Experience : 13 Years
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Mr. Nitin S Pawar

Designation : Assistant Professor
Education : M.Sc. in Computer Science
Total No. of Years of Experience : 15 years
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Ms. Shilpa Surulkar

Designation : Assistant Lecturer
Education : MCA
Total No. of Years of Experience : 12 Years
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Ms. Sushma Bhoir

Designation : Assistant Professor
Education :
Total No. of Years of Experience : 10 Years
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List of Activities


Workshop on “Scientific Paper Writing” was organized for FYMSC CS students from 24th to 26th February, 2022