Department of Foundational Courses (BSc & BCA)

Programme name : Department of Foundational Courses (BSc/BCA)
Year of Establishment : 1984

Programme Description :

The Department of Foundational Courses offers an array of courses from the fields of English Communication & Writing Skills, Environmental Studies, Gender Studies, Basics of Science & Health and Wellness , Value Education, Career Development, Life Skills & Personality Development under the verticals of Ability Enhancement Courses, Skill Enhancement Courses, Indian Knowledge Systems & Value Education Courses now possible due to the National Education Policy of 2020.

Programme objectives :

To enable the students to:

  • Enhance their personal and professional skills through improved communication abilities.
  • Garner awareness about environmental issues so as to be empowered and take informed, sustainable decisions.
  • Be familiar with the foundational ideas and concepts that have shaped Indian Knowledge Traditions throughout history.
  • Comprehend established concepts and theories in basic and applied sciences, including the significance of various biological systems, common disorders, their symptoms, and preventive measures.

Programme outcomes :

  • Upon completion of the program, students will cultivate sensitivity to social issues and hone empathetic listening skills.
  • Through open elective courses, students will develop & enhance their scientific aptitude.
  • Students will gain an appreciation for contemporary Indian heritage while leveraging traditional knowledge systems.
  • Students will grasp the significance of life skills and adeptly apply them in personal and professional settings.
  • Students will learn to differentiate and effectively utilize diverse letters and reports, apply fundamental principles of email and letter composition, and employ acquired writing techniques in professional contexts.

Dr. Mala Pandurang

Designation : Head of Department, Principal
Education : M.A, PhD English
Total No. of Years of Experience : 30 years
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Ms. Milina A.K. Pereira

Designation : Assistant Profesor, English
Education : B.A, M.A, M.Phil English
Total No. of Years of Experience : 16 Years
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Manali Chavan

Designation : Language Lab Instructor
Education : M.A, Applied Linguistics
Total No. of Years of Experience : 9 Years
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Reema J Kizhakkedath

Designation : Assistant Professor, English
Education : M.A English
Total No. of Years of Experience : 2 Years
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Anjali Patel

Designation : Assistant Professor, Science
Education : M.Sc Botany
Total No. of Years of Experience : 2 Years
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Paulomi Desai

Designation : Senior Lecturer
Education : MSc Dietetics & Food Service Management
Total No. of Years of Experience : 29 Years
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List of Activities


Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav

Debate competition on Brain Drain under the initiative of 75th Anniversary Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav