Department of Human Development

Programme name : Department of Human Development
Year of Establishment : 1984

Programme Description :

Human Development investigates how people develop throughout their lives and how cultural and social settings help to shape what is possible. You will study the biological process that characterizes each stage of life and how we move physically from one stage to next. It also focuses on how biological factors affect psychology and social behaviors which change over time.

The discipline is both science and art in its nature. The Programme offers an interdisciplinary approach to understand individuals and family development across the lifespan. It facilitates students to have theoretical knowledge, practical’s, providing hands-on opportunity to use knowledge and skills gained in the classroom in professional work settings during the study period. The Programme also permits students to equip themselves with research skills as well as to develop professional and entrepreneurial skills related to various fields of human development like early childhood care and education, children with special needs, geriatric care, common behavior, etc.

The department is committed to its students' learning’s and success and is in conjunction with the vision mission and objectives of the institution.

Programme objectives :

  • To facilitate the students to work professionally and efficiently in curriculum development, research, welfare Programmes and community services related to human development.
  • To describe the distinctive growth and development of individuals from conception to late adulthood and learn the changes that occurs during biological and ecological conditions.
  • To gain skills to establish entrepreneurial setups like early childhood education Centers, home for aged, voluntary groups, NGOs, etc.

Programme outcomes :

  • To make students aware of the uniqueness of each child, both genetically and experimentally, and help the students plan activities for the children
  • To help students understand the lifespan of an individual, and develop Programmes for infants, pre-scholars, school-going children, as well as young and old adults
  • To expose students to various philosophies of schools and child/family welfare organizations through seminars, field-visits, and internships
  • To prepare students to be teachers by helping them explore the natural environment through observing, investigating, experimenting, and experiencing in the experimental laboratory school – Prangan
  • Learn to critically examine the issues of life and become active agent in bringing affirmative changes in society.
  • Explore contemporary issues, understand the magnitude of daily life problems and identify appropriate solutions to help human kind at large.

Graduate Attributes in Subject :

  • Disciplinary knowledge – capable of demonstrating comprehensive knowledge of concepts of human development
  • Information/Digital Literacy- capable to use ICT in variety in learning situations.
  • Reflective Thinking- learn to be curious which motivates students to reflect on impressions of life.
  • Self-Directed Learning- ability to work independently and identify appropriate resources required for research projects and assignments.
  • Leadership Readiness/ Qualities- students acquire leadership roles and qualities
  • Lifelong Learning- inspire spark of lifelong learning in students.

Scope for further studies/Higher Education :

  • Gender studies
  • Research and Advocacy
  • Developmental Studies
  • Education
  • Masters Programme in Human Development/ Early Childhood Education/ Extension Education
  • Masters in Social Work
  • M.A. in Applied Psychology
  • M.A. in Counseling Psychology
  • M.A. in Clinical Psychology
  • Masters in Educational Technology
  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Masters in Population Studies
  • P.G Diploma in Early Childhood Education
  • P.G. Diploma in Counseling
  • P.G. Diploma in Special Education
  • B.Ed (Regular)
  • B.Ed (Special Education)

Career opportunities :

  • Self Employed/ Entrepreneurs
  • Early Childhood Educators & Administrators in School
  • Opening Day Care centers
  • Research Assistance in Educational Setups
  • Special Educators
  • Preschool Head/ Founder
  • Designing Children's books & Songs
  • Creativity & Storytelling Classes
  • Designing Teaching Aid
  • Project Coordinators
  • Community Officers
  • Trainers of Para-Professional Workers
  • Child Welfare Officer

Prangan (Experimental Nursery ) :

Smt. Kamlaben Gambhirchand Shah Experimental Nursery School PRANGAN (established in 1986) is the laboratory for the Department of Human Development of Dr. B. M. N. College of Home Science. PRANGAN Nursery School is a Human Relationship Laboratory. It is a place where adults can learn as they observe children and participate with them. It serves as a Laboratory for the study of Human relations. PRANGAN provides practical experience for the students of Human Development department and helps them understand the behavior and development of the child along with bridging the gap between Human Development Theory and Practical.

'Learning Through Play' is the Philosophy of PRANGAN. All the activities provide enriched learning experiences for the children and promote all round development of the child.

Prominent Alumnae

Ms. Padma Rewari - 1995 Head, Child Welfare and Education

Dr Tanuja Prem - 1996 Founder, Education Matters

Dhanvanti Deshmukh - 1996 Nursery Manager, London UK

Chetna Amit Ajmera - 1987 Shri J L Shah I T Center

Sunita Krishnan - 1998-99 Owner Tot Town Inc. Canada

Archana Rao - 1998 Head, Accelerator Programme

Vinisha Chhabra - 1999 DGM - HR

Kruti Shah - 2009 Founder, Forward Steps Preschool

Anuradha Bhavar - 2017 Executive NGO Engagements


Ramya Nityanand - 2019 Counseling Psychologist

Ms. Honey J Thakker

Designation : Incharge
Education : M.Sc. Human Development, SET
Total No. of Years of Experience : 22 years
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Ms. Gulnaaz M Engineer

Designation : Assistant Professor and PGECE Coordinator
Education : Masters in Human Development
Total No. of Years of Experience : 8 years
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Nidhi Bharat Khimavat

Designation : CHB Professor
Education : Masters in Human Development
Total No. of Years of Experience : 2 years
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List of Activities

  • Annual Pre-marital Counseling Seminar
  • Internship & Placements in Urban, Urban Slum, Rural & Tribal areas (with in Mumbai and Outside Mumbai)

    Virtual Balmela 2020-2021

  • Balmela (16th & 17th February) 2023
  • BALMELA – FARM TO HOME EXPRESS on 21 st February, 2024

    Live art and craft activities with children

  • BALMELA – FARM TO HOME EXPRESS on 21 st February, 2024

    Activities with Elderly from ADHATA