Seva Mandal Education Society

About SMES

Our institution (affiliated to S.N.D.T Women's University) is one of the seven institutions under the umbrella of Seva Mandal Education Society. The foundation for S.M.E.S. was laid in 1957 when it began its first institution for women with just seven students. It has gradually expanded over a period of time, both in terms of the number of students as well as the courses offered. The Society has been successfully imparting qualitative education to women for over five and a half decades, and has a student strength of more than 6000 women students on campus.

Being an all women's institution, SMES particularly provides an opportunity for those women who would otherwise be deprived of higher education, to avail of qualitative educational facilities, thereby enabling them to become self-sufficient.

Office Bearers

Dr. Dilip R. Trivedi Dr. Dilip R. Trivedi PRESIDENT
Dr. Ashok V. Mehta Dr. Ashok V. Mehta CHAIRMAN
Shri Hiren V. Shah Shri Hiren V. Shah VICE CHAIRMAN
Shri Mahesh Garodia Shri Mahesh Garodia VICE CHAIRMAN
Dr. Bharat M. Pathak Dr. Bharat M. Pathak HON. SECRETARY
Shri Pravin G. Shah Shri Pravin G. Shah HON. SECRETARY
Shri Vasant J. Khetani Shri Vasant J. Khetani HON. TREASURER

Institutions under S.M.E.S

  • Smt. Maniben M.P Shah Women’s College of Arts and Commerce (A grade with CGP 3.61/4)
  • Shri M.P Shah Junior College of Arts and Commerce for Women
  • Dr. Bhanuben Mahendra Nanavati College of Home Science (A grade with CGP 3.64/4)
  • Smt. Hiraben Manilal Nanavati Junior College of Home Science
  • Smt. Shardaben Champaklal Nanavati Institute of Polytechnic
  • Smt. Kamlaben Gambhirchand Shah Department of Computer Applications, Management Studies and Mass Media
  • Smt. Kamlaben Gambhirchand Shah Law School
  • SMES College of Nursing