Certificate Course In Landscape Designing


  • To help young men and women in acquiring useful skills so   that they are gainfully employed.
  • To help the employed persons in updating their knowledge and skills so as to keep pace with modern developments in their respective fields.

Program Information

  • Certificate Information

    Landscape Designing is a profession that mixes both the art and the sciences. Landscape Designers are concerned with the design and development of land around a building (such as a hotel, commercial complex, educational campus, etc.) or open space (such as dens, children’s play area, public recreational places, etc.). Landscape designers use a combination of skills. They have to look into the natural elements and the requirements of the users.

  • Profile

    Eligibility: H.Sc, B.Sc (Botany), Interior Designer, Civil Designers, Draftsman.
    Duration  Of Course: One Year ( Part Time)
    Fee  Structure: 30,000/-
    Commencement: Second week of July
    Medium of Instruction: English
    Field Visit: Various Gardens and Plant Nurseries in Mumbai.



    Theory of Horticulture:

    • H-1   -Plant Morphology, General Theory,  Plant Growth Cycle,  Method  Of  Regeneration.
    • H-2   -Herbarium,  Collection  Of  Specimen and Study  Of Trees, Shrubs, Climbers , Ground covers.
    • H-3   -Cultivation Technique , Soil, Manure, Vermiculture.
    • H-4   -Specialised  Technique In Gardening, Indoor and Basket Gardening, Bonsai, Green Houses, Wallscapes.

    Theory of Design:

    • D-1  -Elements of Landscape Design , Topography, Water, Light and Shade, Wind, Street light.
    • D-2  -History of Landscape Design, Mesopotamian, Mughal, Japanese, Modern Landscape Design.
    • D-3  -Basic Design, ColorThoery, Collage, Sketching.
    • D-4  -Drawing and Presentation, Scale Drawing & Model  Making, Measured Drawings, Presentation Techniques, Working Drawing, Plantation Drawing.
    • D-5  -General Site Visits, Market Surveys, Apprasials, Practicals