PG Diploma In Sports Science Fitness And Nutrition


  • To train and develop Professionals with expertise in fitness and nutrition management for services in Wellness center.
  • To develop capabilities to provide preventive, promotive and therapeutic care in health and diseases.

Program Information

  • Profile

    Course Coordinator

    Mrs. Anuradha Shekhar, Associate Professor, Head of the Dept. Food Science and Nutrition

    Faculty Faculty of Home Science
    Area of Study Sports Nutrition
    Course Type

    Post Graduate

    Degree Type

    Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Science Fitness& Nutrition

    Recognition SNDT Women’s University
    Faculty Profile
    • Dr.  Ajay Thamane
    • Ms. Mrudula Arvind Shivram
    • Ms. Geetanjali Bhide
    • Ms. Niddhi  Dattani
    • Ms. Bhavisha Sancheti
    • Ms. Monal Velangi
    • Ms. Sneha Ambre
    • Dr. Richa Sharma
    • Ms. Sukhmeet Kaur

    Suitable for --  Candidates who wish to learn more about the latest research and  want to work as Sports professionals, dieticians and in the Fitness industry and sports counselling fields


    Graduates in:

    Foods and Nutrition, B.Sc Applied Nutrition, B.Sc Dietetics and Food Service Management,

    Life Sciences, Physiotherapy, Chemistry, Zoology Physiology and Science graduates will be required to successfully complete a course in Human Nutrition as prescribed by the Department.

    Students with the following undergraduate degrees are eligible provided they complete the required prerequisites by the end of Semester II

     i.e FY MSc: B.Sc Biochemistry, BSc Food Technology, B.Sc Life Sciences

    Student should have obtained minimum 50% marks in the undergraduate degree or B grade from any recognized University

    Prerequisites required:

    Human Nutrition Theory and Practical’s

    Basic Food Science Theory and Practical’s

  • Subjects Offered

    • Human Nutrition & Metabolism
    • Human nutrition practical's
    • Human Physiology
    • Sports And Exercise Science [Th]
    • Sports And Exercise Science [Pr]
    • Anatomy, Kinesiology and Ergonomics
    • Nutrition in Health and Disease
    • Nutrition for Sports and Exercise
    • Weight management, rehabilitation and fitness [Th] 
    • Weight management, rehabilitation and  fitness [pr]
    • Catering Management for sports and fitness
    • Sports psychology and counseling.
    • Seminar and Project.


      Value added courses:

    • Stress Management
    • Yoga
    • Aerobics/pilates/Jumba etc
    • Prenatal and Postnatal Exercises
    • Weight management
    • Massage and Aroma therapy

    • Ms. Juhi Doshi - 1st in Merit List,  2007-08
    • Ms. Seema Jain - 3rd  in Merit List , 2007-08
    • Ms. Anju Jain -   3rd  in Merit  list, 2007-08
    • Ms. Purvi Jain - 5th in Merit List  2007-08
    • Ms. Hannan S -  5th in Merit List  , 2009-10
    • Ms. Shilpa Seth - 1st in Merit List , 2010-11
    • Ms. Kavita Martyrs - 1st in Merit list, 2011-12
    • Ms. Madhavi Mahajan - 2nd in Merit list, 2011-12
    • Ms. Farheen Siddiqui - 3rd  in Merit list, 2011-12
    • Ms. Nida Kazi came - 4th  in Merit list, 2011-12

    • K11 Fitness Factory
    • Evolve gym, Mulund
    • Body Zone
    • Talwalkar Gym , Bandra, Mahim ,Thane
    • Inch By Inch, Sanpada
    • Nirvana, Fitness Factory
    • Leena Mogre’s Gym
    • Golds Gym Vashi
    • Talwalkar Gym, Bandra, Vashi, Nerul
    • Asian Heart Hospital, Cardiac rehabilitation
    • James Law, Vashi
    • Cloud 9, New Bombay
    • Parindi’s Fitness center
    • Namita Nanal’s auyurvedic and fitness centre

    Sports nutritionists may find work with schools or college athletic departments, sports teams, physicians' offices and wellness centres. The sports nutritionist, also referred to as a dietician, as an individual who provides nutrition counselling to an athlete or team with the goal of improving performance. They develop nutrition programs based on the needs of their clients and the type of athletics they perform. Sports nutritionists may keep records on their clients to chart their progress or determine what additional steps need to be taken.  Besides assisting athletes, sports nutritionists may work with parents, trainers and coaches. Some sports nutritionists are affiliated with a specific team or organization. Can work in Sports Gyms, Slimming centres, Sports Organizations , Teachers, Instructors , Demonstrators etc.


    • Yoga classes
    • Guest lectures.
    • Visits organized – American Library, gyms, hospitals. etc.
    • Participation in  seminars/workshops
    • Seminar presentations.
    • Diet plans
    • Recipe preparations
    • Diet Counseling Skills
    • Planning
    • Event Management skills
    • Research Projects.



    • Journals
    • Field trips and visits organized
    • Alumni Interaction
    • Activities for students - Nutrition Week, Breast feeding, World food day etc.
    • Placement assisstance
    • Internship assisstance

    Students are availing the benefits of Knowledge centre and INFLIBNET services in our library.

    College also has an in house Research  Journal  IDEAS in which publications of our students have been published.


    • Dr. Laxmi Ananthanarayan,                            
    • Dieticain Ms. Purbi Mahajan
    • Ms. Prachi Gangurde,                                      
    • Dr. Swati Rastogi
    • Dr. Prakash Kondekar,                                      
    • Ms. Lata Rajan
    • Dr. Ruchira Tandolkar                           
    • Dr. Sudhir Kale
    • Mr. Suchet Walker.                                          
    • Mrs. Leena Mogre                             
    • Dr.  Kiran Sangani                                            
    • Dr. Dhananjay More            
    • Dr. Rauf Iqbal                                                  
    • Dr. Raman Goel 
    • Mr. Mickey Mehta                                         
    • Mrs. Ankita Marwah


    Alumni - Academic Year


    Purvi Gala 2005-06

    HOD Nut Dept. Your Fitness Club

    Ms. Kajal Thosani 2005-06

    Self Employed and has opened her own Firm ‘Health and You’.

    Kanchan Kewalani 2006-07

    Recruiter for Dieticians and Nutritionists, All types of Health related Jobs

    Priyanka Wani 2007-08

    Works at Your Fitness Club

    Hetal Trivedi 2007-08

    Self Employed and has opened own Firm ‘Balancing Lives”.

    Seema Jain 2007-08

    Power House Gym

    Poorvi Jain 2007-08

    Nutritionist and Proprietor of Kalorie kount and is Self Employed

    Manisha Sancheti

    Fitnextt owner

    Swapnali Rane 2008-09

    Sports Nutritionist , MSC in Sports Nutrition

    MahfreenThampal 2008-09

    Nutritionist at Talwalkars

    Ms. Juhi- 2009-10

    Your Fitness Club, has her own fitness center

    Vishaka daxini  2009-10

    Entrepreneur, Has a clinic in Ghatkopar

    Nikita Kulkarni 2009-10

    Nutritionist at AF 10 Gym

    Shilpa Seth 2010-11

    Has her own counseling centre


    Students of PG SSFN have been actively taking part in a collaborative project with LTMG hospital Sion, Mumbai

    The students  are part of Nutrition week and women’s day celebrations sponsored by Marico which is a yearly scene in the college


    Mrs. Anuradha has been felicitated by Lions club of Sion, Mumbai, and Lions club International, Mumbai, for her contributions in the field of Education and  outstanding performance.

    She has made three quality related team presentations on Best practices and has won 3 prizes [1st, 2nd and 3rd  prize] so far.

    She won the consolation prize this year for her poster on Instilling social responsibility in under graduate students in a national seminar on teaching, learning and evaluation.

    She has  been conferred upon the Shiksha Rattan Puraskar by the prestigious India International Friendship Society (IIFS) which is a leading voluntary organization engaged in promoting economic growth and national integration with the long-term objective of peace, progress and prosperity of the global community.


    Kajal Thosani - Alumni 2005-06 Batch

    We are proud of…………..Ms. Kajal Thosani

    Pursued Post Graduation in Sports Science Fitness and Nutrition from S.N.D.T. College (Matunga), Scoring Second Rank for which she was acknowledged by Times of India.

    Areas of achievements.

    • Started her own firm HEALTH AND YOU wherein she handles  personal consultation
    • Worked with THE BOMBAY PRESIDENCY GOLF CLUB (Chembur), as a Health Consultant.(Jan2009- 11]
    • Worked with BIGG BOSS 3 (a show on colors channel) as a Nutritionist & Health consultant for 3 consecutive seasons 
    • Worked with  INCH BY INCH GYM (Matunga) as a Sports Nutrition Consultant. ( May 07-June09)
    • Worked with SPIRIT FITNESS SPA, Chembur, as a Nutritionist (Jan 2005-May 2007)

    She writes ……………….

    The below mentioned are the summary of things I would like to update you all with my career.

    I truly owe all the achievements to my college and the faculties in B.M.N. Matunga.

    “Being a Nutritionist-thought was not my cup of tea, but the college gave me the positivity and the energy and right career counseling to choose my right field, right subjects.”

    Special subjects like Basic Nutrition, Physiology, and Food Product Development during the BSc level were always upgrading our knowledge to better level each year.

    The extracurricular activities not only added interest, creativity in the studies, but also made us overcome phobias of presentations, explore to new topics all the time.

    The Personality Development Course conducted for two years has definitely brought a complete makeover in us, especially for me because of that certificate got a chance to start Ethical Training classes for kids.

    The special part of the course was to give us a chance of 2 months internship and help us understand the subjects we learnt practically. It was truly a privilege being a part of the BSc batch 2004.

    “There are very few people/ teachers / friends who add a step to ladder of success and for me college/ Nutrition Faculty is the one.”

    I truly would like to thank The Nutrition Department of BMN Matunga, who allowed me to enroll and complete my PG SSN with my part time working. The subjects were truly advanced and well taught upgrading to a level of being an expert.

    Today, Kajal Thosani is a name in health industry and that’s because of hard work we underwent during the course. The teachers have polished us to the best to make us successful.


    Mahafreen Thampal : Alumni 2008-2009 batch

    This course of sports science fitness and nutrition has helped me to understand and develop my interest in the field of exercise science  and physiology  which is very necessary  for individuals  who are interested  in the field of  fitness and nutrition. Along with nutrition  science, studying  exercise  physiology is equally  important  as it is like a combo package which is essential to understand  the field inter relation of both and their functioning . The practical  classes of this course is  very important  for all students to attend  to get a practical  experience of what you learn as it is very important  that one must know how to apply the theoretical  knowledge in real life. This course helps develop  self confidence  and also how to interact with your clients individually and also as a group.

    Personally I feel everyone should make  the best of this course and everyone should start eating right  and training  hard themselves to feel it from within how all the systems  of our body work.

    I would be very happy to help if  anyone  requires any guidance.

    I have also completed my certification from International  sports science  association (USA) as a certified  fitness trainer and a sports nutritionist specialising in performance  nutrition. 

    Today  whatever  I am is because of this college and Anu mam without  your support  it wouldn't  have been possible. 

    Thank you!


    Manisha Sancheti  B.Hsc, PG-SSFN  2012-13

    I did my graduation in Foods & Nutrition from SNDT, Pune in 1989. After that I could not continue my education due to family responsibilities but my hunger for higher education in the field of nutrition always remained with me for over 23 years. After completing my family responsibilities, my husband took an initiative for my further education in the field of my interest. My aim was not just to do studies but to see that how I can use my knowledge for benefit of society and the same time provide me recognition in terms of earning and respect.

    After lot of survey and discussion with friends, I decided to join SSFN course. It is a 1 year Post Graduation Diploma Course. I went to BMN College, Matunga where I met Mrs. Anuradha Madam. She is such an inspiring personality. She explained me the course in detail, professional and career opportunities available post completion of course. This was matching with my aspirations. I was not interested in just learning but keen to apply the acquired knowledge for betterment of society and also earn money and recognition for myself. She lit a lamp of hope in so many women’s life like me.

    Initially I was not convinced with the career opportunities available post completion of just 1 year that too a diploma course. After going through syllabus and success stories of ex-students, I decided to give it a try and joined the college.

    This course is knowledge oriented for a person like me who has started her education once again after a gap of 23 years (more than 2 decades), lot many changes, innovations and researches happened over this period. This course has not only refreshed my old knowledge but also educated me on recent changes in nutrition and related fields. Various subjects are covered under this course. The Knowledge I gained after studying this course gave me a lot of confidence,which instilled the fact that  “Yes, I can do something great in my life now.”

    Human Nutrition, Physiology, Ergonomics, Sports Nutrition, Sports Sciences, Sport Psychology, Community Nutrition, etc. All subjects covered under this course are very informative and practical oriented.

    Due to support, guidance and help of all Professors, I stood first in the college. It was indeed a proud moment for me, as I started my education once again after a gap of 23 years. Post completion of course, my aim was to start my own weight management centre. Accordingly, I did 3 months internship practical training with weight management centre.

    Immediately after completion of internship, I started my own clinic “Fitness Mantra”at Ghatkopar East. After a successful 1 year, I opened a branch at Pune. I wish to put on record that this course gave me practical knowledge which helped me to cure many obese people. I have cases of weight loss of 50+kgs weight loss in 10 months and many more above 10+ kgs. I do not work on weight loss but work on overall health improvement and hence many clients are referring to their friends and relatives. This recognition of my services and decent earnings gives me satisfaction of what I learned.

    My Big Thanks to BMN College and PG-SSFN