M.Sc. In Clinical Nutrition And Dietetics (CND)


  • To impart knowledge and develop capacities of the students through state of the art higher education in the area of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Medical Nutrition Management.
  • To develop students to become health care professionals for services in various fields of clinical nutrition and medical nutrition management and related areas such as hospitals academics, research, industry, clinical nutrition department, training, extension and community service.
  • To develop capacities and abilities and enable them to pursue higher education and research in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

Program Information

  • Profile

    MSc. Coordinator Dr. Rupali Sengupta
    Email ID senguptarupali@gmail.com
    • Dr. RupaliSengupta
    • Ms. SnehaAmbre
    • Ms. BahvishaSancheti
    • Ms. SakeenaGodhrawala
    • Ms. HithaBhankaria
    • Ms. SukhmeetKaur


  • Subjects Offered

    Semester I

    • Nutritional Biochemistry
    • Macronutrients
    • Medical Nutrition Therapy I Th
    • Medical Nutrition Therapy I Pr
    • Pathophysiology and Metabolism in Disease
    • Advanced Nutrition Practicals


    Semester II

    • Research Methodology
    • Applied Food Science and Product Modification
    • Vitamins
    • Medical Nutrition Therapy II Th
    • Medical Nutrition Therapy II Pr
    • Clinical Nutrition / Nutrition for Sports and Exercise / Catering Management Pr


    Semester III

    • Minerals
    • Public Nutrition and Health / Maternal and Child Nutrition
    • Pediatric Nutrition
    • Nutrition in Cancer and Critical Care
    • Statistical Applications in Research
    • Functional Foods, Biodynamic Principles, Nutraceuticals /
    • Geriatric Nutrition


    Semester IV

    • Research
    • Internship
    • Scientific Writing
    • Dietetic Techniques and Patient counseling / Alternative and Complimentary systems for Health / Nutrigenomics


    • Assessment of health and nutritional status of urban geriatric young-old men and women (60-69 years)
    • A Comparison Study on the Effect of Cinnamon Clove And Bay Leaf Powder in type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients in the age Group of 35-70 years
    • Effect of physical activity on young women having dysmenorrheal.
    • Impact of Nutrition Intervention on nutrition assessment and life style modification among girls (10-15yrs) in an orphanage in Central Mumbai.
    • To study the effect of nutrition and lifestyle education programme on the nutritional status of elderly living in an old age
    • home (age 50-95 yrs)
    • Assesment of nutritional status of infants feeding practice (12 to 24 months) in Mumbai.
    • Effectiveness of NEP among school going Children.
    • Effect of garden cress seeds on heamoglobin levels in college going girls.
    • Nutritional Status of Pre-School children across Mumbra -A Gender comparison
    • Assessment of Nutritional Status of School Teachers in Mumbai
    • Effect of Green Tea Leaves on the Lipid Profile of Overweight and Obese Girls.
    • Nutrient intake and meal pattern during different phases of menstrual cycle in young females  (age group 18-23yrs)



    • Studying Health and Nutrition status of young-old, middle-old and old-old in the city of Mumbai.
    • Effect of Nutritional Education Program For parents on Dietary pattern of pre-school children between 3-6 years of age in Mumbai.
    • Effect of Dark chocolate consumption in lowering stress in college going students (18-21 yrs.) in Mumbai.
    • Assessment of factors affecting body composition of young school children in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.
    • Effect of physical activity & dietary patterns on anthropometric measurements of children between 3-6 years in Mumbai.
    • Effect of Increasing Fiber Contents on Blood Glucose Levels in Type 2 Diabetic Patients
    • Effect of a high Protein, Low GI bar on the anthropometric measurements, weight loss, body composition and BMI of PCOD subjects. (20-30 yrs.) in a gym setup.
    • Assessment of the body composition and its correlation with other nutritional status of young women residing in hostel of Mumbai (18-23 years).
    • Relationship between body composition and bone mineral density in perimenopausal women from Mumbai city.
    • Identify positive and negative deviants of health and nutrition in young adult married women (20-39 yrs)in Dawoodi Bohra Community- Case Study.
    • To identify risk factors in developing metabolic syndrome among girls and boys aged 18-24 yrs in Mumbai city.
    • Effect of Calcium status on hypertensive patients of age group 35-70 yrs.
    • Assessment of Dietary Patterns,Food Selection, Cooking Methods and Incidence of Lifestyle disorders in Maharashtrian sub ethnic groups (Marathas and Kokanastha Brahmins) in Mumbai city.
    • Incidence of Vitamin D deficiency in type 2 diabetic patients.
    • Nutritional Awareness in Teaching Community: Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) study with Nutrition Education Program (NEP) in Mumbai City.
    • Effect of Breakfast pattern on Reaction time of school going Children 8-9 yrs old in Mumbai city.
    • A comparative study of nutritional status of adolescence who consumed carbonated versus non-carbonated beverages.
    • Assessment of nutritional awareness and conduction of Nutrition Education Program for girls participating in various sports activitiesin S.N.D.T Women’s University: KAP tool
    • Study on compliance of diet in type 2 Diabetes patients (25-60 yrs).



    • Effect of supplementation of tulsi leaves and curry leaves on type-II diabetic patients
    • Effect of Nutrition Education program on dietary eating patterns of adolescent girls (16-19 yrs) in Mumbai
    • Effect of Barley &Wheatbran on overweight people (19-35 yrs)
    • Assessment of dietary patterns among school going children with age-group (9-15 years)
    • Consumption of Fast Food and Quality of Living index in hostilities and Days Scholars between the age group of 18-23 yrs. in Mumbai
    • Comparative study of nutritional status, dietary patterns and body composition in Gujarati & Punjabi community of 20-25yrs of age in Mumbai
    • Effect of excessive coffee consumption in BPO working executives between the age group of 25-40 years in TCS
    • To study the Dietary Pattern and factors influencing food choices with the Incidence of dental caries in children (6-8 yrs)
    • A Comparative Study of the Influence of Office Working Hours on Food Choices, Dietary Pattern And the Occurrence of Digestive Problems in Working Men and Women
    • Assessment of Lifestyle intervention in men & women (24-50yrs) with impaired glucose tolerance (IGI) in Mumbai
    • To Assess the Health and Nutritional Status of Pregnant Women and to impart Nutritional Education (20-45years)
    • Comparative Study of the Nutritional and Health Status of School going Children from a private school and Municipality school (12-15years)
    • To Study the pattern of oil consumption and Associated Health Problem all over Mumbai (40-70years)
    • Nutritional Assessment and Health status of Patients undergoing Dialysis



    • To study the association between dietary diversity and BMI in young adults (21-25YRS).
    • To study the association between dietary diversity by measuring waist to hip circumference in young adolescents (16-21YRS).
    • In vitro assessment of prebiotic activity of various food stuffs (inulin based)
    • A study on associated dietary factors with special reference to dietary fats on cardio vascular disease prevalence.
    • A study on the effect of dietary fiber and physical activity on overweight
    • Assessment of nutritional status of lacto-vegetarian adults from ethnic community of Mumbai
    • Assessment of nutritional status of non-vegetarian adults from ethnic community of Mumbai
    • Assessment of nutritional status and stress levels in adolescent girls in relation to sleeping patterns
    • Beneficiaries of mid-day meal in school going children.
    • Effect of diet and lifestyle pattern on infertile woman
    • Lifestyle and dietary patterns of patient undergoing dialysis.
    • Association between the dietary pattern and premenstrual syndrome in teenagers.
    • Impact of nutritional counseling on body weight and body fat of breast cancer patient
    • Study the nutritional status in the age group of 65 to 75 years institutionalize and non-institutionalize elderly.
    • Effects of dietary patterns and related health issues amongst journalists from print and electronic media in Mumbai.
    • Assessment of food consumption pattern, dietary habits and its impact on increased lifestyle diseases in different cultural groups of India.
    • Effects of food advertisements on eating pattern of school going children between age group of 10-12 years.
    • Effect of nutrition intervention in Non- Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease patients.
    • Assessment of anthropometric measurement and dietary recall of school going children
    • To assess knowledge attitude and practices of pediatric cancer patient’s mothers during the treatment phase viz-a-viz nutrition outreach program.
    • Does mother’s working status have an impact on quality and nutritional adequacy of their children’s lunch boxes?
    • Comparison of nutritional quality of lacto vegetarian ,lacto ovo vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets of diabetic patients
    • Comparison of nutritional status and the effect of Physical activity on incidence of obesity in girls (age group7-9 years)from low and high income group.


    • King Edward Memorial Hospital, Parel
    • Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel
    • Wadia Hospital, Parel
    • LokmanyaTilak Hospital, Sion
    • NayarHosital, Mumbai Central
    • KokilabenAmbani Hospital, Andheri
    • Cooper Hospital, Ville Parle
    • BSES Hospital, Andheri
    • Breach Candy Hospital, Charni Road
    • Nanavati Hospital, Ville Parle
    • S L Raheja Hospital, Mahim
    • Fortis Hospital, Vashi&Mulund
    • Asian Heart, Bandra
    • GokuldasTejpal Hospital, CST
    • Ashirwad Hospital, Mulund
    • Saifee Hospital, Charni Road
    • Prince Ally Khan Hospital


    • Abott Nutrition
    • Marico IndustriesPvt Ltd
    • Lecturer in Dr. B.M.N College
    • Dr. Chandalia’s Diabetic Clinic
    • Fortis Hospital
    • Hiranandani Hospital
    • Dr. Lal Path Lab
    • VLCC
    • Balance nutrition
    • Healthspring
    • Mead Johnson
    • Wellness Diabetes Speciality Clinic
    • Nestle nutrition
    • Preeti Slim
    • Anjali Mukherji’s Clinic
    • Saifee Hospital
    • Faculty at Anjuman Islam College of Home Science
    • Breach Candy Hospital
    • Lifespan Pvt Ltd

    • Marico industries limited- Development of 45 recipes (15 recipes each) from Saffola Oats suitable for patients suffering from Diabetes/ CVD/ Obesity & suitable for three occasions namely Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. (2011-2012)
    • Marico Industires Limited- As tudy was conducted to evaluate whether   Saffola  Muesli  is a healthier choice when compared  to other brands and to draft a report from the data sent by Marico after analysing both the products (2012-213) 
    • Pepsico India ltd- development of research based technical fact sheets for regulatory department, patients suffering from lifestyle diseases (diabetes mellitus/ cardio vascular disease/ obesity/ hypertension) and their management through lifestyle modifications & healthy dietary recommendations (2012)
    • Pepsico India Ltd- Awareness of whole grains among school children in Mumbai (target subjects 1 lakh school children) (2013-2014)
    • Chinikum-Microbial analysis, sensory evaluation & nutritional labeling of modified food products (2014-2015)
    • Paawak foods Pvt Ltd- Evaluation of modified product and its sensory evaluation (2015)

    • Mrs Salome Benjamin Cholesterol & Diabetes with its Dietetics Aspects-1.9.2012
    • Dr. ND Moulick-Physiology & Etiological Aspects of Diabetes mellitus-1.9.2012
    • Mr. Rajeev Goenka&MsRuchiraTendolkar-Weight management      -13.8.2012
    • MrsAnuradhaKulkarni-Obesity management-5.9.2012
    • MsSonalModi, Ms. AnkitaMarwaha& Ms. GeetanjaliChitale-Diabetes & its Effects; physiological & etiological aspects of Obesity & its complications ; Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA)-6.9.2012
    • Mr. RajeevGoenka& Ms. RuchiraTendolkar-Body Fitness & weight management-13.7.2012
    • Dr J.J Lewis.Dr. Daniel,MsShewtaShirke-Food Security, Healthy Beverages, Safety & Efficacy of Functional Foods-8.9.2012
    • MsAnuradha, Dr N.C Patel ,MrSamiran        IPR . Collaboration between  Academia & Government-27.9.2012
    • Dr. Madan       CVD its disorders & prevention-5.10.2012
    • DrShashank Joshi, Mrs Salome Benjamin-Oil & its metabolic syndrome-6.10.2012
    • DR. ShilpaCharankar,Dr. SulabhaParshuraman-Research Methodology-9.3.2013
    • Dr. ShilpaCharankar-Research Skill & Funding-9.7.2014
    • DrNiyati Parekh Professor & Scientist  from New York University  Obesity & Cancer-28.08.2014
    •  Ms. Shetty (Nutritionist at Marico)   Nutrition &Health-2.9.2014
    • MrFranchis Lobo (Marketing Marico Industries)       Women & Healthy Heart with right choice of Oil-3.9.2014
    • MrsHithaBhankaria     How to write a Review paper on a assigned topic-3.9.2014
    • Dr. H.B. Chandalia, DENMARC, Mumbai, Dr. Pooja Dewan, Consultant-Reproductive Medicine & IVF, Gynaecology& Obstetrics KokilabenDhirubhaiAmbani Hospital, Mumbai-30.9.2014
    •  Dr. Rama Vaidya Maternal Obesity and Pregnancy Outcome.
    • DrSnigdha Mehta , Management of Obese Women during Pregnancy – Physical Activity and Exercise-30.9.2014
    • Dr. S.A. Udipi ,Antenatal and Postnatal Nutrition-Obesity & Reproductive Health-30.9.2014
    • MrsNehaSanwalka Director Nutricanvas-Research Writing Skill-19.12.2014
    • MrFranchis Lobo (Marketing Marico Industries)       Women & Healthy Heart with right choice of Oil-26.8.2015
    • MrsHithaBhankaria     How to write a Review paper on a assigned topic-3.9.2015
    • DR DheerajKapoor-HOD ,Endocrinology, Kokilaben Hospital FADS About PCOD         -12.9.2015
    • MrsNehaSanwalka      Nutrition in Low Birth Babies-12.9.2015
    • MrKandarpVyasa, Manager Technical Services, Omega (Dx) Asia Food Intolerance Test vs Food Alllergy Test-12.9.2015
    • MS ShrutiBaidya-Chief Product Specialist- NutritionalGenomix     Nutrigenomics Sciences-12.9.2015
    • DrLatikaChawla, Nutritionist  from Nair Hospital     Adolescent Nutrition Status & its outcome-7.9.2015
    • Ms. Shilpa Joshi Dietician, Nutritionist Freelancer     Key Nutrients in fetal Development-7.9.2015
    • MrsPurabiMahajan-  Dietitcian – Tata Memorial Hospital -Weight management in cancer patients. -8.3.2016
    • Dr. ShwetaRastogi – Gurunanak hospital, Bandra     Benefits of whole grains-8.3.2016
    • Ms. LataRanjan – k11 Fitness Academy        Assessment of body composition-8.3.2016

    • BalSehat Kendra had participated in the Nutrition Community programme.
    • Visit to ICU ward of Nair Hospital
    • visited the American Library where in Ms. ParvathiVenkataraman gave an indepth knowledge on how to go for further studies and made a presentation on Research Writing Skills.
    •  Mother & Child Health Care for the nutrition community ProgrammeVisit to Narmada Kidney Foundation at Worli by Global Hospitals
    • Visit to attend seminar on Obesity & Cancer held  at Sophia College
    • Juhu Post graduate Nutrition department for Nutrition week
    •  ICT- Matunga to present Recipe on Traditional food organized by AFST(I)- Mumbai Chapter.
    •  ICU ward of Bombay Port Trust Hospital
    • Training Session by Nestle India Ltd
    • 47th Annual National Conference of IDA
    • Visit to St Jude Child Health Care for nutrition outreach programme
    • SRM University ,Chennai for Oral & Poster Presentations at National Conference on Nutritional Functional & Safety Challenges of Food

    • MSc CND I – 3RD PRIZE in Fashion Show Competition – “Akanksha”







    Ms. Nilam Gadghe

    MSc CND II

    Postr Presentation – Consolation Prize

    7th International conference- ICGIFP

    JNU University, New Delhi

    Dayna Khona

    MSc CND I

    BMN Master chef – 1st prize

    National Nutrition Week celbration

    Dr. BMN College of Home Science

    Avani Shah

    MSc CND II

    Online Selfie – best selfie – 1st Prize

    National Nutrition Week celbration

    Dr. BMN College of Home Science

    2nd prize- Breast feeding PPT

    National Nutrition Week celbration

    Dr. BMN College of Home Science

    2nd prize- Mocktail Making

    Akanksha- Intercollegiate Festival

    Dr. BMN College of Home Science

    Consolation prize- Photography competition

    Akanksha- Intercollegiate Festival

    Dr. BMN College of Home Science

    Hitisha Gala

    MSc CND II

    1st prize- Breast feeding PPT

    Breast Feeding Week Celebration

    Dr. BMN College of Home Science

    Minal Gada

    MSc CND II

    1st prize- Jingle competition

    National Nutrition Week celbration

    Dr. BMN College of Home Science

    Zainab Cuttlerywala

    MSc CND I

    Ayushi Shah &Avani Shah

    MSc CND II

    3rd prize- Gujarati Debate Competition

    Yuva Mahotsav (Intercollegiate festival )

    SNDT University, Juhu

    Avani shah, Sonu Mishra, Nilam Gadghe

    MSc CND II

    2nd- Intercollegiate Nutrition Quiz

    National Nutrition Week Celebration

    SNDT University, Juhu

    Tamsil Khan


    Consolation prize- Poetry competition

    Akanksha- Intercollegiate Festival

    Dr. BMN College of Home Science

    Ms. Kajal Shah


    3rd prize- Table Tennis

    Intercollegiate sports tournament

    SNDT University, Juhu







    MSc CND of Dr. BMN College Recieved 1st Prize in sharing maximum Innovative ideas for IPL Avishkar 2016 across 6 different categories. 13 students won 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & consolation prizes under 6 different categories.


  • Activities


    National Nutrition week celebration on 29th August 2016 in Dr. BMN College by MSc CND department

    Incubation program for MSc CND Students (Gurugyan) as Industry Academia Synergy in collaboration with AFSTI, MRC-KH, PFNDAI.


    Inter-collegiate Competitions held:

    1. BMN Master- Chef Competition
    2. Poster Competition
    3. Online selfie contes
    4. 4.Jingle making contest

    Nutrition for menopausal women- community nutrition experience

    Students of T.Y (N.D) Conducted a Workshop on Nutrition for menopausal women  for Ladies between age 40-50 yrs. The Workshop was conducted on 17th March 2016 in Naval community. Around 50 women attended the workshop. They gave a short presentation which included detail about the menopausal stage right from what is menopause? to foods which should be included during this stage as well as it focused on Foods rich in Phytoestrogen and why are phytoestrogens important during menopause.

    The women found the workshop very innovative and very helpful. Students had prepared 10 Nutritious and Delicious recipe which they found really very healthy as well as tasty. The workshop and recipes were well appreciated.

    The students also prepared a brochure for the same.



    Visit to YMCA fitness centre Mumbai


    Students of fybsc nutrition and dietetics visited the YMCA fitness centre at Mumbai central for an in-depth knowledge and practical experience of equipment used at fitness centres for weight as well as endurance, and strength training. They were taught how different training equipment work and saw an actual demonstration of the equipment’s.


    Students every year present poster or oral presentations of their thesis/ research work done as a part of their curriculum.

    Many students have publications in international journal with high impact factor to their credits.