Nursing College


  •  To be able to develop skill and give quality bedside nursing care in hospital and community health set up.
  • To be able to access the total nursing care needs of the individual patients and families in depth and meet these needs by utilizing all possible resources, with scientific based knowledge.
  • To be able to develop skills to teach both formally and informally in clinical areas and in nursing education programmes
  • To provide quality care based on nursing process.
  • To adapt to the changes and advances in medical and nursing field.
  • To be able to critically evaluate the areas which need improvement and bring about possible changes.
  • To be able to delegate, guide and co-ordinate the care given by other allied health personnel and non professional workers.
  • To practice ethical values in professions.
  • To develop basic skills in teaching, management and research in nursing setting.
  • Occupying key role in rendering Holistic care to her clients.
  • Initiate self directed learning to update her knowledge in Nursing Practice.
  • Assure responsible citizenship for the country’s welfare.
  • Hold the dignity of her profession and strive hard to its development.

Program Information

  • Philosophy

    The faculty of the College of Nursing believes in providing nursing education based and built on scientific principles and sound educational theory and practice in order to prepare professionally qualified nurses, who will be able to function as a team member, in all health care agencies in the role of a practicing nurse. The graduate with experience can rapidly move into leadership positions in Nursing Education, Nursing Service and Administration.

    We believe that the nurses trained at degree, diploma level are equipped with scientific based thorough knowledge and are competent to give total comprehensive nursing care.

    We promote all-round development of the students with special emphasis on human, moral, psychological, cultural, intellectual and spiritual aspects which is required to prepare a professional nurse who will be a contributing citizen and an effective “change agent” in an ever changing society.

    We the management and staff of Seva Mandal Education Society’s  College of Nursing affirm our conviction and faith in delivering quality patient care to all these who need health care, irrespective of caste, creed religion and sex. The College of Nursing has a loyalty to work in a team with team spirit in imparting value based nursing education at degree and diploma level to prepare them to contribute with knowledge and skill to build healthy community and a nation at large.

    Being aware of the pressing need of the profession we are committed to providing graduate education to those nurses who have the potential and motivation to become nurse educators, administrators, clinical specialists and research workers who will be able to contribute towards professional excellence by meeting the issues and challenges confronting the nursing profession today.

  • Mission & Vision


    To impart and disseminate knowledge, develop competencies and also to provide for Research and Development in the emerging areas of Health Sciences and to provide quality care in hospitals and to community and thereby contributing to health care our nation.


    To provide quality in all spheres of higher learning in general and Health Services in particular to all including those in the rural and urban areas of the nation, keeping in view the societal needs in the global context.

  • Principals Desk

    The SMES college of Nursing has earned a name for the high quality of its nursing services reflecting the background of an excellent nursing education. The changing patient need s and expectations in 21st century continue to influence the emerging the advance nursing role in coming decades which required the ‘Standard’ quality nursing care through Dynamic education, innovation programme and research.

    We believe in intellectual awakening and social transformation in different sphere including education, economical, social and cultural fields.

    Further goals and objectives to prepare the ‘Quality nurses reflects’ in the students centric institutional curriculum design, innovative based ICT based teaching learning strategies, infrastructure and learning facilities. We also believe a mature approach to the teaching-learning process in associate with positive outcomes.

    College of Nursing is well equipped with all modern infrastructure and well equipped laboratories, facilities, books, journal and e-journals. We have adequate number of teachers as per faculty- student ratio, non-teaching and other infrastructure facilities.

    We are immensely grateful to former Management for their zeal and interest in the active functioning of the Nursing College. We look forward to many new academic and professional pursuits to upgrade and meet the needs of budding professionals in Nursing.

  • HOD Desk

    This fine art – the nursing practice, requires a solid foundation of a sound professional knowledge intertwined with skill and will. Professional Nursing education plays a key role in molding these essential skills and attitude of a young a of nursing profession is in the hands of the young student nurses.

    The scope for nursing programme is worldwide. The nurse educators are critical players in assuring quality educational experiences that prepare the nursing work force for a diverse and ever changing health care environment. We are responsible for preparing and mentoring the current and future generations of nurses.

    One means to do that is by developing students thinking ability to solve problems through a liberal approach of investigating all sides of a question and all possible solutions to a problem by reaching a conclusion.

    I am sure the admitted and the aspiring students will receive excellent quality education at Seva Mandal Education Society’s College Of Nursing.

  • Contact Info


    Address: Smt. Parmeshwari Devi Gordhandas Garodia Educational Complex

    338, R.A. Kidwai road, Matunga, Mumbai 400019

    Phone: (022)- 24095792 Fax: 24026511


    Email ID:

  • Staff Information

    Teaching Faculty:

    Sr. No.

    Name of the teacher

    Post Held

    Qualification & Specialty


    Mrs. Anjali Ajay Katdare

    Professor cum Principal Nursing



    Mrs. Shilpa Ashok Shettegar

    Vice Principal Nursing

    Community Health Nursing


    Mrs. Namrata Ashish Kubal

    Lecturer Nursing

    Medical Surgical Nursing


    Ms. Vaishali Otavanekar

    Lecturer Nursing

    Community Health Nursing


    Ms. Tejasvi Eknath Dhadse

    Lecturer Nursing

    Medical Surgical Nursing


    Ms. Diya Eldhose

    Tutor/ Clinical Instructor

    Medical Surgical Nursing


    Ms. Nikhita Bonsale

    Tutor/ Clinical Instructor Nursing

    Obestetric & Gyanecology


    Ms. Reena Raji

    Tutor/ Clinical Instructor





    Ms. Elizabeth John

    Tutor/ Clinical Instructor





    Ms. Himgauri Kurve

    Tutor/ Clinical Instructor





    Ms. Deepali Kamble

    Tutor/ Clinical Instructor




    Ms. Sanjivni Gaikwad

    Tutor/ Clinical Instructor





    Ms. Shruthy Paulson

    Tutor/ Clinical Instructor



    Mr. Vikram Pawar

    Tutor/ Clinical Instructor



    Ms. Nisha Nair

    Tutor/ Clinical Instructor Nursing

     Child health Nursing


    Ms. Bincy Yohannan

    Tutor/ Clinical Instructor



    Ms. Minal Pawar

    Tutor/ Clinical Instructor



    Mr. Jamaludheen I.

    Tutor/ Clinical Instructor


    Non Teaching Faculty: 


    Ms. Joyti Bhosale

    Mrs. Gauri Thakur


    Mr. Shashi Chavan

    Ms. Seema

  • Activities

    Extra Curricular Activities:

    Student council and Student Nurses association: The student council will be formed through democratic system of election. Thus students will be given opportunities to develop their leadership qualities.


    Teaching Learning Activities

    The teachers will use the innovative and varied teaching- ‘learning activities’ suitable for a group as a whole as well as an individual student. The students need to take interest and initiative in learning as it is a joint venture of student and teacher towards quest for the TRUTH. The enlightening process of teaching and learning will help students imbibe great people’s precious wisdom.


    Cultural Activities/ Sports

    The student will be encouraged to participate in various cultural, sports and National Social Service activities and thus nurture the student’s talent.

    • N.S.S.: The aim of National Social Service unit is personality development through community development and the slogan is ‘Not me but you’. Active participation in N.S.S. activity can help students develop a sense of social responsibility and altruism.
    • S.N.A.: Student Nurses Association is Nursing student’s association is affiliated to the parent professional association. Trained Nurses association (Headquarter at Delhi). S.N.A. Biennial conference is held regularly. Students can present their projects through this unit, participate in various competitions and excel and form a sense of ownership and oneness towards the profession.



    • Students will be day scholars.
    • Very limited hostel facility is available on payment only to outsiders,
  • Admission Process

    • MH-CET candidates can apply for admission in Basic B.Sc. Nursing course.
    • Admission will be granted on merit basis.
    • A candidate seeking admission shall be present in person with an application form duly filled in and sign with the documents required.