Grievance Redressal Cell

The composition of the college Grievance Redressal Cell is as follows:

  • Dr. Bharatbhai Pathak (Hon Secretary, SMES Designated Officer)
  • Mrs.Ajudah Monterio (Office Superindentent)
  • Mrs.Vinaya Vyashampayam (Member, Examination Committee)
  • Mr. Shahajahan Khan (Coordinator, Dept. of Computer Applications)

Representative of the students council

  • Dr. BMN. College has set up a grievance redressal cell for the benefit of its teaching and non-teaching faculty.
  • Any person having a grievance as against the institute, any department, or an individual in relation to the institute could lodge their complaint to the cell at the below address. The complaint should contain the name, and address of the complainant, the department, individual against which complaint is being made and facts of the case supported by documents, if any , relied upon by the complainant.

Complaints to the cell should be sent to the below address Designated officer, Grievance Redressal cell
Dr. BMN College of Home-Science
338, R.A. Kidwai Rd, Matunga(E) Mumbai-19