College Profile


Dr. Bhanuben Mahendra Nanavati College of Home Science established in 1984, has always sought to be the pioneer in various academic pursuits. It is affiliated to S.N.D.T. Women's University and offers predominantly Home Science education (Interdisciplinary Programs) at Under-graduate and Post-graduate level. It is a multi-faculty institution offering Degree Program in Computer Applications. The institution's mission being Empowerment of Women through Quality in Education has often focused on a variety of aspects that may lead to the overall development of both its staff and students. The institution has hosted a variety of National Level and State Level seminars and workshops. The college was re-accredited by National Assessment & Accreditation Council in March 2011 with 'A Grade' and high grade point of 3.64/4. We offer 120 credit based program of 6 semesters for our Undergraduate programs and 96 credits for MSc programs.Our institution's activities range from N.S.S, Sports and cultural events to academic participation in National and International level seminars and conferences. Our annual intercollegiate competitions ('Akanksha' and 'Tekzone') allow talent to flourish, and encourages team work among student volunteers. We have collaborative projects with the industry such as Marico Ltd, Pepsico India Ltd and Vissco. Our focus is on Women's Empowerment and we have an ongoing intensive Gender Sensitization program under the 'Jagar Janivancha Abhiyan'initiative of the Government of Maharashtra for which we have been awarded first prize at University level and second prize at District level in the year 2012-2013 and First prize at District Level, First Prize at University Level and Second Prize at State level in the year 2013-2014. The NSS unit of the college conducts activities in collaboration with Adipath foundation and Research Centre, Young Women's Christian Association, Ashadeep Association, Rural Community Development Centre, Red Ribbon Club, Mumbai District AIDS Society, Rotary Club of Bombay Uptown, Inner Wheel Club, Lions Club of Sion and Shradhhand Mahilashram.

Programs Conducted

  • B.Sc Programs
    • Resource Management (R.M.) (Hospitality Management)
    • Human Development (H.D.)
    • Textile Science and Apparel Design (TSAD)
    • Food Science and Nutrition ( F.S.N.)
    • Nutrition & Dietetics (ND)
  • Computer Applications
    • Bachelor in Computer Applications (B.C.A)
  • Postgraduate Programs
    • M.Sc. in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
    • Post Graduate diploma in SSFN (Sports Science Fitness and Nutrition)
    • Post Graduate diploma in ECE (Early Childhood Education)
  • Certificate / Diploma Programs
    • U.G.C. Career Oriented Programs (COP) in Physical Fitness and Weight Management, Event Management, Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing
    • Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing – Recognized by Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education
  • Indira Gandhi Open University-Study Centre
    • Masters in Computer Applications (Centre No. 49033P) (Open for male & female students)
    • MSc. In Dietetics and Food Service Management (Centre No. 49045P)

Faculty Members

  • Head of Department

    Dr. Shilpa Charankar (MHSc., Ph.D)


    • Mrs. Veena Verma (MHSc., M.Phil., B.Ed.)
    • Mrs. Sugandha Lad (MHSc., M.Phil., SET)
    • Mrs. Pradnya Ambre (MHSc., NET, SET)
  • Head of Department

    Dr. (Miss) Kirti Pathak (MHSc., M.Phil., Ph.D.)


    • Dr. (Mrs) Rashmi Vyavaharkar (MSc., M.Phil., Ph.D.)
    • Mrs. Alka Pant (MHSc., M.Phil., NET)
  • Head of Department

    Mrs. Anuradha Shekhar


    • Mrs. Anuradha Shekhar (MSc., M.Phil.)
    • Dr. Meena Mehta (MSc., Ph.D., B.Ed.)
    • Mrs.Vinaya Vaishampayan (MHSc., NET)
  • Head of Department

    Mrs Vinaya Vaishampayan (MHSc., NET)


    • Dr Parul Kumar
    • Mrs Shilpa Wagh
    • Ms. Jagruti Parekh
    • Mrs Rashi Menegi
    • Mrs Anuradha K.P
    • Mrs Neeta Upadhaya
  • Head of Department

    Dr. Vrushali Datar (MHSc., Ph.D)


    • Miss. Roma Gandhi (MHSc., NET)
    • Mr. Amrik Singh (GD.Arch,D.C.E.,GD.Ist)
  • Head of Department

    • Ms. Padmaja Biwalkar (MSc.)
    • Ms. Amruta Sapre (MSc., NET)
  • Head of Department

    Prof. Mala Pandurang (MA., Ph.D., NET)
  • Head of Department

    Mr. Shahajahan Khan (Co-ordinator)


    • Ms. Kavita Karapurkar
    • Ms. Manjot Kaur
    • Ms. Neetu Jain
    • Mr. Nitin Pawar
    • Ms. Sharada Srisilla
    • Ms. Sudha Lawrence
    • Ms. Rikisha Maniyath
    • Ms. Shilpa Surulkar
    • Ms. Snehal Deshmukh
    • Ms. Milina Pereira
    • Mrs.Neelam Naik
    • Mrs.Elavarasi Navjivan
    • Ms. Cindrella Shirsath
    • Ms. Saleth Mry
  • Head of Department

    Dr. Rupali Sengupta


    • Ms.Nisha Bellare
    • Mrs.Hitha Bhankaria
    • Mrs.Sakina Ghodrawala
    • Mrs.Shilpa Wagh
  • Head of Department

    Dr. Kirti Pathak (MHSc., M.Phil., Ph.D.)


    • Dr. Rashmi Vyavaharkar (MSc., M.Phil., Ph.D.)
    • Ms. Jagruti Parekh
    • Mrs. Shweta Mathur
  • Head of Department

    Mrs. Anuradha Shekhar (MSc., M.Phil.)


    • Ms. Bhavisha Sancheti
    • Ms. Monal Velangi
    • Ms. Mrudula Shriram
    • Ms.Monal Dattani
    • Ms.Wricha Sharma
    • Ms.Geetanjali Chitali
  • Head of Department

    Mrs. Jyuthika Chitre


    • Mrs. Jyuthika Chitra
    • Mrs. Rehana Bepari
    • Mrs. Minaxi Buhecha
    • Mrs. Kavanti Mahajan
    • Mrs. Priyanka Kadulkar
    • Mrs. Geeta Bhalla
    • Mrs.Deepika Kanojia

Administration Staff

Matters pertaining to B.Sc. : Ms.Anita Bairisetty
Matters Pertaining to B.C.A. : Ms.Loka Iyer
Matters Pertaining to U.G.C. : Ms.Divya Kamat
Matters Pertaining to M.Sc. : Ms.Neeta Dhuri
Matters Pertaining to Junior College : Ms.Kavita Kasar
Fees Collection : Mr.Rakesh Bhatt