Anti Ragging Committee

Committee constituted as per the directives of the Honarable Supreme Court of India dated May 16th 2007 and UGC Regulations to Curb the menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009:

Head Dr. Shilpa Charankar (Principal)
Representative of the Police Mr. Suresh Walishetty, Director (General Administration)
Representative of the Local Media Ms. Meena R. Prashant (Twin City Times, Navi Mumbai)
Representative of NGO Prof. Harshaben Parekh (Bombay Community Public Trust)
Faculty Members
  • Prof. Mala Pandurang
  • Mr. Shahajahan Khan
  • Mrs. Vinaya Vaishampayan
  • Mrs. Alka Pant
  • Mrs. Alka Pant
  • Dr. Kirti Pathak
  • Mrs. Purvi Vora (PTA member of BCA)
  • Mrs. Manisha Udaikant Dixit ( PTA member of B.Sc)
  • Ms. Shruti Doshi (S.YB.Sc)
  • Ms. Avni Shah (T.Y.N.D)
  • Ms. Prakashini Gopi (SYBCA-I)
  • Ms. Pratiksha Jadhav (TYBCA-I)
Non-Teaching Ms. Anita Bareishetty


Mr. Shahajahan Khan

Co-ordinator, Department of Computer Applications

Mrs. Vinaya Vishampayam

In-charge, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

Mrs. Alka Pant

Associate Professor, Department of Human Development

Mr. Rakesh Bhatt

Administrative Staff

As per the directives received from the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of SNDT and inaccordance to the Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act 1999. Section {2} of section 1, Dr. BMN College of Home Science, constituted an anti-ragging cell in the year 2007.

According to the Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act 1999, Ragging has been defined as :

Display of disorderly conduct, doing of any act which causes or is likely to cause physical, psychological harm or raise apprehension or fear or shame or embarrassment to a student in any educational institution and includes:

  • Teasing, abusing, threatening or playing practical jokes on, or causing hurt to, such student; or
  • Asking a student to do any act or perform something which such student will not, in the ordinary course, willingly do.

Prohibition of ragging:

  • Ragging within or outside of any educational institution is prohibited

Penalty for ragging :

  • Individuals found directly or indirectly committing or participating in the act of ragging within or outside of any educational institution if found guilty could be imprisoned up to 2 years and shall be liable to a fine up to Rs.10,000/-

Dismissal of student :

  • Any student convicted of an offence under section 4 shall be dismissed from the educational institution and such student shall not be admitted in any other educational institution for a period of 5 years from the date of order of such dismissal.

Suspension of student :

  • Whenever any student, or as the case may be, the parent or guardian, or a teacher of an educational institution complains, in writing, of ragging to the head of the educational institution, the head of that educational institution shall, without prejudice to the foregoing provisions, within 7 days of the receipt of the complaint, enquire into the matter mentioned in the complaint and if; prima facie, it is found true, suspend the student who is accused of the offence, and shall, immediately forward the complaint to the police station having jurisdiction over the area in which the educational institution is situated, for further action.

Where, on enquiry by the head of the educational institution, it is proved that there is no substance, prima facie, in the complaint received under sub-section (1), he shall intimate the fact, in writing, to the complainant.

The decision of the head of the educational institution that the student has indulged in ragging under sub-section (1), shall be final.